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Our Team Members

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Eugene Jung

Founder | Skaut Lead Guide

Coffee. Motorcycles.
Coffee. Motorcycles. Camping.


Steph Woods

Skaut Logistics and Planner

Driven by passion for organization and desire for tasty coffee on any adventure.


Luke Melchert

Skaut Shutterbug

Luke is an industrial and landscape photographer based in Minneapolis, MN and Portland OR. His work focuses on both the man-made and natural world, along with the interplay between the two.


Tato Zedginidze

Skaut Lead Roaster

Hails from Tbilisi, Georgia. She loves to travel, explore, drive cars, play sports and roast coffee beans from all around the world.

Certified Q-Grader.


Robin Pfeifer

Skaut Wordsmith

Robin wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of seven based on a character from a McDonald’s television commercial.

It’s no wonder she found her way into advertising.

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